Career Centre

Take the opportunity of free training that will help you build the career you want

Career Centre

The Career Centre was founded with the purpose of offering support and education in the process of finding a job, switching the workplace and career development.

Trainings consisting of interactive lectures on self-awareness, making an employment plan and networking for growth in your career are regularly organized within the Career Centre.

The idea of the career centre is to enable visitors to acquire skills and knowledge that will then help them in the seek for a new job, but also in performing tasks after they are employed.

The trainings are held by representatives from the THRIVITY team, as well as by guest experts who transfer their knowledge to the registered participants exclusively. Registration for every new training is performed on the website exclusively.

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Completely for free

All trainings at Thrivity Career Centre are free of charge, as it is our way of giving back to society.


Lecturers in our career centre are professionals with a wide range of knowledge and international experience.

Short interactive sessions

Lectures are held in the form of short interactive sessions with two-way, constructive communication.


All participants in the free lectures at the Thrivity career center receive a certificate of completed training.