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We match job seekers and hiring companies

Who are we?

A team of professionals dedicated to sharing their knowledge in order to foster personal and professional growth in individuals, thereby jointly improving the process of seeking job and candidates for a job.

The solutions we offer are based on in-depth analysis to understand the individual needs of both people looking for job and companies looking for staff.


To create conditions for an open, transparent and competitive labour market.


To be the first choice for job seekers and hiring companies.

Our Values

People above all

Formal wear ≠ seriousness at work

Socially responsible

Empathy - skill, talent, sense

Private life and work balance

Business is a "marathon"

No ego trip

Encouraging innovation and personal development

Focus on constant and sustainable financial growth

Meet our team


With more than 20 years of professional experience in various leadership positions at McDonalds, Wrigley and Mars, but also as an entrepreneur and co-owner, in January 2018 I founded APOD in order to focus on new experiences, and share my knowledge and expertise with other organizations in the region. My focus is People… Managing Human Capital in an organization and its culture…
People are not an “asset”, they are our basic resource for success and hence my message that all of us as leaders have an obligation to create a clear vision for management of the organization, create outstanding working conditions and treat people with a high level of dignity and respect.


His work experience of 18 years comes from working in foreign and local companies, the longest of which was at Wrigley and Mars. Always focused on people, he strongly believes that successful business results can only be achieved with the right people in the right place.
For the last 15 years, his area of interest has been transfer of his knowledge and experience through development programmes on the following topics: business planning, sales team development, coaching, negotiation, leadership, talent management etc…
The opportunity to join the THRIVITY team opens up new professional and life horizons for him and represents a challenge to further put the acquired abilities and competences into function of people development as the most important link in business.


Branko’s relationship with Thrivity dates back to the very beginning, despite the fact that his involvement in the operation was reduced to a minimum at the initial stage. With a lot of experience behind him gained by managing several companies from different areas, at the beginning of 2021 Branko took a bigger role in the company’s operations.
He came to the position of COO and became the driving force of Thrivity’s sales team. He knows how to be an excellent motivator known for his persistence and creativity in overcoming all obstacles that appear on the way to successful sales. Where most people see a problem, Branko sees a challenge.
When he is not at work or meeting with clients, he enjoys cycling, cooking and riding his motorbike on the Balkan roads.


In her previous 10-year work experience in the field of business and entrepreneurship, Marija had the opportunity to get to know the manner of running the businesses of a large number of Macedonian and foreign companies.
Inspired by the challenges that many companies face in the area of human capital management, as well as by the desire to work on possible solutions for them, in July 2019 she became part of the THRIVITY team and follows the mission of creating an open, transparent and competitive labour market.
She personally believes that people make business, so she advocates for support and development of people seeking jobs, as well as companies that seeking employees.


By joining the THRIVITY team, Simona gets the opportunity to apply her previously acquired experience in the company’s administrative operations, organizing and coordinating work processes between teams and supporting the human resources department.
The application of the knowledge acquired so far, as well as the opportunity to upgrade and specialize in the human resources segment as a coordinator, represent an excellent opportunity to combine experience and newly acquired knowledge in order to help the company’s growth and development.
Simona is part of the company’s working environment where daily learning and investment in the development of employees is an advantage, but also a key value that she shares with users, associates and colleagues.


Interest in social sciences and the desire to constantly upgrade her knowledge led Marija to a master’s degree in the area of Human Resource Management, with a special interest in people development and career building in companies.
She strongly believes in culture of continuous learning and investing time and effort in personal and professional development. She joined the THRIVITY team in March 2020, where part of her duties and responsibilities were related to the User Support and Communication Centre.
In her leisure time, she enjoys her flowery terrace with coffee and a book.
The family is her most reliable place from where she draws energy and improves her skills for planning, organizing and dealing with multiple duties at the same time.


For more than 20 years, as part of the hospitality sector, he had the opportunity to work with teams consisting of more than 15 people. Although without a formal education in the area of human capital, working with people became his everyday life and somehow the transition from “bar” to the THRIVITY team has imposed itself naturally.
His experience of several years in the area of social media marketing, acquired during breaks from hospitality work, put him in the position of marketing activities coordinator where, in close connection with the marketing agency, he tries to bring Thrivity’s story closer to people seeking for job and the companies seeking employees in the simplest and understandable manner.


Frosina became part of the Thrivity’s team in the second half of 2023, bringing with her approximately 10 years of experience in marketing positions in various industries.

You have questions?


Thrivity Activator is a manual for personal and professional development that was developed as a result of our many years of practical experience in the area of potential development, as well as the desire to promote a culture of lifelong learning among individuals, organizations and society. We recommend this manual to everyone who believes in their own development or wants to help the development of someone else.

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